Hey, what's up, everybody? It's Dave Rosendahl. Welcome back to another episode. Today we are in part two of a three-part series on Facebook. What I want to do is I want to help you understand how Facebook works and the reason why this is important as an Opti channel practitioner.   If you're a commercial printer or agency trying to weave Facebook with direct mail, you need to understand how today's market's channels work. In addition, you need to understand what kind of content people are engaging with in those channels so that you can be more effective at your job.   And so that's what I'm here to do. I have gone through literally hundreds of pages of information and investigated how Facebook works. And Facebook did us an excellent service here. They compiled a report for Q2 of this year, 2021, and it's about the most widely viewed content on Facebook.   If you listened to the last episode, I gave you an overview of the main takeaway. So, if you didn't listen to that one, go back to that, listen to that episode and then come back into this one because we're going to go a little bit deeper.      RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE  :: Join the Texting Community:  Text Dave at: 1 (949) 506-5835  Or click this link: bit.ly/DaveRosendahl  :: View this episode's blog post https://mindfireinc.com/podcast-2